Reliable data protection with system image backup and ransomware protection

IDrive® Mirror provides cloud-based image backup for your Windows computers and server operating systems along with the virtual machines running on it, without any intermediary local storage device. Backup multiple computers and server systems into a single account – simply configure your computers with IDrive® Mirror to set up your cloud disaster recovery plan.

Get IDrive® Mirror system image software to protect data against cyber threats!

  • Image Backup
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  • Snapshot Restores
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  • System Restores
  • Defense against Ransomware
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  • Encrypted Storage
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  • Disaster Recovery Plan
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  • User Management

Efficient and intuitive data backup solutions for protecting your digital life

Cloud backup

Backup multiple computers directly to the cloud and access data with ease. Avoid installation of additional / intermediary storage devices. Schedule automated backups at regular intervals and set email notifications.

Fast backups and restore

Conduct up to three times faster backup with Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology to reduce backup time. Restore data without downtime during a data loss or data corruption.

Secure data backup

Securely transfer your data to cloud with AES-256 end-to-end encryption. Track account activities through email and dashboard notifications. Monitor the health of backups with logs and reports.

Periodic Cleanup

Retain as many recovery points as you need for your data. Automated periodic cleanup operations enable you to maintain a recovery point archive based on number of incremental backups or time duration.

User management

Invite users to create accounts within your account with the Team plan. Enable access without credential sharing, and manage billing centrally.

Regulatory compliance

Mirror assists you to comply with the mandatory regulatory norms like HIPAA, SEC/FINRA, GDPR, etc pertaining to security and handling of electronically stored data.

Easy to use system image software for effective disaster recovery

Create an image of your PC and server operating system along with its partitions, boot information, applications, settings, in a few simple steps:

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Data protection and disaster recovery solution for your computers!

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