IDrive® Mirror vs IDrive® Online Backup

Cloud-based image backup for Windows computers and server system vs file backup to cloud for all devices

IDrive® Mirror
IDrive® Online Backup
Cloud backup
Performs faster block-level disk image backup to the cloud
Performs file-level backup to the cloud
Backup source customization
Allows data upload from specific volumes
Does not support volume-level backup customization. Specific volumes can not be excluded during entire machine backup.
Incremental backup
Incremental backup with Changed Block Tracking (CBT) that detects all the modified blocks of data since the previous backup
Incremental backup with Changed File Tracking (CFT) technology that identifies changes made only to backed up files and folders
Disk partition-based backup
Supports restore of single or multiple partitions of a hard drive from the cloud
Supports file or folder restore from the cloud
Snapshot-based restore
Performs snapshot-based backup for point-in-time recovery of data
Supports file-level restore from cloud with versioning
WinRE-based system restore
Performs one-step WinRE restore over WiFi directly from the cloud
Performs two-step WinRE restore with the help of an external disk. The system image is first downloaded from the cloud to an external disk and then restored via WinRE
Recovery points
Allows dynamic selection of recovery points from the WinRE environment
Does not support dynamic selection of recovery points from the WinRE environment
Features recovery point-based cleanup settings
Features file-version-based cleanup settings
System requirement
Supports older Windows operating system versions - Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2
Does not support older versions such as Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2

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